What My Mother Really Meant When She Fussed About My Hair

One spring in Milan, my then partner and I discussed whether Italians first loved to cultivate beautiful gardens, or if the ease of plentiful sunshine and fertile growing conditions led to the pastime. We walked past bright overstuffed bowls of flowers gracing every street and bridge hanging from above. I wonder, in a similar vein, if I have always been destined to fret and tend the garden of my untamable hair given that approximately 35,000 years ago, a genetic mutation occurred in East Asians

Taking Solace in “Attack on Titan”

SOMALI-BRITISH POET Warsan Shire writes in her poem “what they did yesterday afternoon”:

i held an atlas in my lap

ran my fingers across the whole world

and whispered

where does it hurt?

Normal efforts toward self-care fall so short and feel so ludicrous when it feels as though the world is hurting everywhere. Remembering to breathe feels like a mockery given the more pressing situations at hand: hate speech is now a regular feature in American elementary schools, millions of the United

Travel Like Royalty and Luxuriate in Qatar

Stay at One of Doha’s Most Luxurious Hotels To truly live in the lap of luxury, book yourself a five-star weekend getaway package at Four Seasons Doha, the nation’s capital, in the aptly named Royal Suite. Not only will you be greeted with a 360-degree view of the Arabian Gulf, but the two-story palatial home-away-from-palatial-home comes with its own dining room, terrace, and grand piano. With impeccable service, the Four Seasons is a prime starting point for a lavish vacation. Keep your eyes p

Swedes Feed Their Guests—They Just Have a Different Take on Hospitality

Sweden has a PR problem, and it has nothing to do with NATO membership or Russian disinformation. This week the internet woke up to #Swedengate, a Reddit post-turned-tweetstorm about Swedes not feeding their houseguests.

According to the post, a Swedish child visiting a friend’s house was asked to stay upstairs while the family sat down to dinner—a situation deemed normal by many Swedish commenters. This, in turn, elicited a pile-on by “food-is-love” believers who couldn’t wrap their minds arou

Hot Toddy Recipes to Melt Winter Blues

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Chilly Edinburgh will make a whisky lover out of the most liquor-shy lightweight. For those who cannot take whisky neat, and plan to battle the forthcoming cold season, there’s an elegant, oft-overlook option: the hot toddy.

Classically mixed, a hot toddy is comprised of hot water, whisky, lemon, and honey. With its steam, bracing astringency, and sweet-sour tang, the drink can fortify any imbiber

Brodard: An Empire Built on Spring Rolls

Across from a pothole-pocked parking lot on an unremarkable road in Westminster sits Brodard Restaurant, a story of incredible success. Situated in the Mall of Fortune, the restaurant attracts a loyal customer base from the largest population of ethnic Vietnamese outside of Vietnam. About 200,000 Vietnamese-Americans now live in Little Saigon, which was founded in 1978. Neon store signs in Vietnamese or Anglicized Vietnamese dot Bolsa Ave., the center of the district, which clusters around Highw